Welcome to the home page of the Secondary School

“France Prešeren”

in Trieste, Italy


The State Secondary School “France Prešeren” with the Slovene teaching language was founded immediately following World War II. As it was a secondary school specialising in scientific studies and did not guarantee entry to all university studies, a parallel course specialising in classical languages was founded in 1948. On 11th December 1969 the school was named after France Prešeren, the greatest Slovene poet.

Until the year 1965 schooling was carried on in the old building of Lazzaretto Vecchio Street. Then the school moved to the new building in Guardiella Road 13/1, built by the Province of Trieste.

At the state secondary (high) school “France Prešeren” most of the subjects are studied in Slovene. The school offers four broadly-based courses, preparatory for university entrance or profession. As Slovene is the teaching language, the school naturally aims to develop the Slovene language and culture and to reinforce the Slovene identity, enabling it to creatively coexist with other cultures.

All the courses at our secondary school last for five years, and they are divided in a two-year and a three-year period. In their first two years the students acquire and consolidate their knowledge and skills, gradually facing more challenging ways of studying and forming the base for further education. In the following three years students broaden their cultural horizons, gaining a deeper, more thorough and systematic knowledge.